5 Organization Tips To Copy From Kris Jenner’s Refrigerator

Hello, color-coordinated produce.

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If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you know that organization is important for creating the Insta-worthy homes they’re known for. While you may have already seen her glassware and dish room collection, Kris Jenner’s organization tips for her refrigerator are just as inspiring.

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Tip No. 1:

Make Use Of Lazy Susans To Clear Up Some Space

If you don’t have room in your freezer for treats you want to keep cold, you can make some space in your fridge with a Lazy Susan or spinning organizer like Jenner does. This also makes it easier to find what flavor you want.

Roninkier Clear Lazy-Susan Turntable

These Lazy Susan organizers are just like the ones that Jenner uses in her refrigerator. Since they’re clear, they can also easily match your kitchen aesthetic.


Tip No. 2:

Color-Coordinate Your Produce

What makes Jenner’s fridge so Insta-worthy is her green produce. It’s an immediate pop of color in her kitchen. You can create a similar look in your refrigerator by color-coordinating your fruits and veggies.

iDESIGN Fridge+Freeze Binz Deep Split Bin with Handle

To really see the color in your refrigerator, use some clear storage bins for your fruits and veggies.


Tip No. 3:

Use A Reusable Egg Carton

One way to make your fridge look clean and organized is to use storage bins for most of your food. That includes your eggs as well, thanks to a reusable egg carton.

Leoyoubei Pretty Ceramic Egg Plate

In Jenner’s refrigerator, she has her eggs on display in a ceramic egg holder. An open carton is more aesthetically appealing and makes it easier to grab an egg in the morning.


Tip No. 4:

Prep Your Fruits In Storage Bins

Storage bins can also be used for your fruits in the fridge. Instead of using the plastic bins from the grocery store or storing your fruits in a drawer, you can prep, clean, and organize your fruits in their own reusable containers.

Smart Store Clear Plastic Bins 4-Pack With Bamboo Lids
The Container Store

These bins with bamboo lids are very similar to the ones in Jenner’s refrigerator. They’re also stackable and available in a variety of sizes to fit whatever space you have.


Tip No. 5:

Organize Your Shelves By Products And Size

Jenner has everything organized by type. For instance, on her top shelf is milk and large bottles. As it goes down, things get smaller, but still stay with their product type. When you’re looking for something specific, you’ll already know what shelf it should be on.

mDesign Plastic Long Stackable Storage Organizer Container

Jenner also keeps her produce organized in a clean line, like in the grocery store. To replicate this, you may want to get a few long and thin storage bins.


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