5 Organization Hacks To Copy From Kim K’s Insta-Worthy Pantry

She’s clearly taking notes from Khloé and Kris.

Ahead of The Kardashians premiere on Hulu, the Kar-Jenners have been busy giving fans a glimpse at their Insta-worthy home organization hacks. Now that Kris and Khloé have shown off their storage tips, it’s Kim’s turn — and Kim Kardashian’s pantry organization reveal will make you want to cop her immaculate storage tips.

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Tip No. 1:

Have Your Snacks On Display

Want to feel like you’re at a tech startup with a kitchen stocked with snacks? Put the snacks in your kitchen on display like in Kardashian’s pantry. Not only is this setup at a reachable level for her kids to grab and go, but it also looks super organized as well.

Stackable Bamboo Storage Bins
The Container Store

These stackable bamboo bins are just like the ones in Kardashian’s kitchen. The various sizes also allow you to compartmentalize your goodies while also getting the right bins for your different sized snacks.


Tip No. 2:

Use Glass Jars For Clean Storage

Similarly to Khloé Kardashian’s Insta-worthy pantry, Kim also uses glass jars for food items like crackers, dried fruits, and cereal. The clear jars allow you to easily see what’s inside and creates a clean, streamlined look.

Anchor 2 Qt. Montana Jar Acacia Lid
The Container Store

These glass jars are just like the ones in Kardashian’s pantry. She also shared that her family “switched everything in [their] house from plastic to glass,” which is more sustainable.


Tip No. 3:

Have Scoops For Your Jars As Well

Since all the snacks in Kardashian’s pantry need to be easily accessible for her four kids, they have some scoops in them for convenience.

Stainless Steel Scooper

A stainless steel scooper like this one will keep with the sleek aesthetic you’re going for in your home pantry, while also making it easier for you to scoop out the right amount of cereal and snacks from your jars.


Tip No. 4:

Candies And Sprinkle Jars Add A Pop Of Color

While you may not be have your own soft serve ice cream machine like Kardashian does in your pantry, you can also keep your sprinkles and colorful candies in glass jars for a vibrant pop of color above any appliances.

EZOWare 7oz Glass Jars

These smaller glass jars are perfect for your sprinkles and candy jars. They can also be used for any dry spices you have as well.


Tip No. 5:

Have A Coffee And Tea Setup

If you’re a coffee lover, you may have a coffee section of your kitchen that needs to be organized ASAP. Getting a Lazy Susan to fill with spoons, sugar, and honey is the way to go.

TB Home Bamboo Lazy Susan Kitchen Turntable for Pantry

Having your coffee setup on a Lazy Susan will also help you easily find what you need without taking up too much shelf space.


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