This Is Your Halloween Aesthetic For 2022, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Dark academia with a spooky twist.

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Spooky season brings so much to look forward to, like pumpkin carving, costume parties, scary attractions, and decorating your place to the point of feeling like you’re practically living inside of a jack-o’-lantern. There are so many different eerie Halloween aesthetics to choose from, and the Halloween 2022 aesthetic that matches your zodiac sign can help you decide which one to lean into this year.

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During the “season of the witch,” you may be practicing spells with your boos or cooking up festive concoctions in the kitchen like an evil scientist. However you celebrate the holiday, there’s a Halloween aesthetic to go with it that’ll make you feel like you’re in costume all month. Keep clicking to discover the Halloween aesthetic that matches your zodiac sign.


Aries: Vintage Horror Film

Every year for Halloween, Aries is probably on the edge of their seat as they cross films off their horror movie watch-list. Passionate and adventurous, Aries loves the tension of a classic slasher or creepy stop-motion flick, that often embrace dark, vintage aesthetics in creepy woods or old homes.


Taurus: Witchy Cottagecore

Taurus values serenity and comfort, which makes them naturals at self-care. In the fall, this sign would rather be in a cozy cottage sipping a pumpkin spice latte topped with whipped cream, rather than fighting goblins and ghouls at the pumpkin patch. Witchy cottagecore means escaping into the enchanted woods to read your spell books, dancing in the orange leaves, and cuddling with your black cat bestie.

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Gemini: Ghosts

Gemini is an unpredictable air sign that is known to shape-shift like a ghost. They sometimes get a bad rap for their free-spirited and ever-changing personality, but that’s only because they’re misunderstood — just like the ghosts haunting your attic, who probably just want to hang out. To get on the ghostly aesthetic, incorporate white, blues, gray, airy fabrics, cold air, and a lot of faux fog.


Cancer: Nostalgic Halloween

Water sign Cancers are known to be sentimental, especially when it comes to celebrating their favorite holiday with their loved ones. They probably love the movie Halloweentown where witches, goblins, werewolves, and fairies can be besties, and team up to fight evil together. This aesthetic is bright and happy, with iconic holiday characters that bring magic to the season.


Leo: Glowing Pumpkins

The Leo zodiac is ruled by the Sun, which explains their natural confidence, bright energy, and love for being the center of the attention. Jack Skellington, aka “The Pumpkin King” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, is probably a Leo because you can’t have a true Halloween without tons of pumpkins. Whether you carve your pumpkins into a scary face and light a fire in the center or paint a masterpiece on its face, orange pumpkins are central to Leo’s Halloween aesthetic.

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Virgo: Wizard Dark Academia

Some of the must-see movies to watch during Halloween include Harry Potter, of course. The magical Hogwarts school setting, complete with scary monsters and villains roaming the halls, makes for a spooky Halloween vibe. Virgos are already studious personalities since they’re ruled by logical Mercury, so they’ll love the earthy tones and leather-bound accents of the dark academia aesthetic with a “Wizarding World” twist.

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Libra: Bad Witch

The air sign Libra is social, strategic, and loves to make their world beautiful. The witch aesthetic will have them soaring the sky in the moonlight on a wood broom this Halloween. After decorating with cauldrons, black cats, crystals, and candles, you can get yourself a cute black dress or cloak to wear all October long.


Scorpio: Scary Skeletons

October is Scorpio’s birth season, which makes sense as they’re ruled by Pluto, planet of death. One thing about Scorpios, though, is that they’re not afraid to lean into the dark side. Skeletons, tombstones, and creepy cobwebs are the perfect aesthetic for the water sign to escape into, just like a living underworld.


Sagittarius: A Monster Mash

The fire sign Sagittarius lives in the moment and loves to throw epic parties. This fall, they definitely have a few costume parties on their calendar, and might be considering throwing their own with tons of neon lights and glowing decorations. The glow-in-the-dark Halloween aesthetic will have you doing the monster mash all month with your best ghoulfriends.

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Capricorn: Vintage Vampires

Capricorns are known for being patient, hard workers, and old souls — kind of like vampires. The vampire aesthetic involves black and blood red color tones, with vintage candelabras, dim lighting, and tons of opulent touches to please boujee Capricorn.


Aquarius: Evil Scientist

Clever and quirky Aquarius is somewhat the evil scientist of life, because they love to explore new possibilities and express their optimism in creative ways. For Halloween, they should totally go as Frankenstein’s monster and embrace the electric energy

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Pisces: Mystical Creatures

Pisces is known for being emotionally sensitive and very intuitive, almost like they hold a special kind of magic within them. They’re probably drawn to fantastical creatures like unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. Pisces should embrace their magic within and throw a little fairy dust on their Halloween plans this year.


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