13 Elite Daily Editors Pick Their Top Post-Pandemic Travel Destinations

In case you're looking for some vaxication inspo.


“After a year stuck in a one-bedroom NYC apartment, why wouldn't I want to stand on top of an Icelandic glacier, with nothing but sky, water, and ice in sight? Iceland has scenery like nowhere else in the world, and it's just what I need post-pandemic.”

— Lilli Petersen, News Editor

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Maine, USA

"I can't wait for my trip to Maine. Between peaceful, sunny days on a beautiful lake and Portland's amazing food scene (hi, give me all the lobster rolls), it's the most gorgeous summer destination."

— Hannah Orenstein, Senior Dating Editor

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Mexico City, Mexico

“I’ve been longing to go to Mexico for years, and after COVID-19, I'm never putting anything off again! I'm craving the chance to immerse myself in Mexican history, food, and art — especially the Frida Kahlo Museum, aka La Casa Azul.”

— Veronica Lopez, Dating Editor

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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

“I can taste the crawfish the size of my body and the New Orleans Original Daiquiri waiting for me post-pandemic. Add the music, parties, and hugs from my parents who live there, and NOLA is like dopamine injected into my veins.”

— Theresa Massony, Senior Style Editor

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Seoul, South Korea

“I can't wait to go back to Seoul. Gwangjang Market's delicious (and affordable) street food is a must for any foodie, plus there are tours that take can take you to all the iconic shooting spots for your favorite K-Pop music videos!”

— Noelle Devoe, Celebrity Editor

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Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

“Glacier National looks like a wanderlust dream come true. To be surrounded by lakes, trees, and snow-covered mountains sounds like the ultimate self-care vacay, and it wouldn't be complete without taking in at least one Instagram-worthy sunrise.”

— Collette Reitz, Associate News Editor

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Naxos, Greece

“Naxos is only an hour away from Santorini, yet many tourists haven't discovered it yet. That means it's a prime spot to visit. Check out the Temple of Apollo, relax at the beach, and eat all the fresh seafood.”

— Tina Kolokathis, Executive Editor

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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

“Before the pandemic, I had the privilege of traveling to watch Lady Gaga's Enigma residency and fell in love with Sin City. It's kooky, excessive, and exactly what I want after 2020. Cocktails and pop queens? Sign me up.”

— Jonathan Borge, Senior Entertainment Editor

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

“This has been on my travel bucket list forever, but I most want to go post-pandemic because it has the perfect mix of culture and beach vacay vibes. I’m also a certified scuba diver — I’d love to explore Mediterranean waters!”

— Tor Knoerzer, Social Media Manager


Newport, Rhode Island, USA

“My partner and I are both vaxxed and we're easing back into traveling with a drive to Newport. We'll stay in a charming Airbnb and enjoy the sea air, bougie window shopping, and lots of fresh seafood.”

— Lexi Williams, Associate TV & Movies Editor

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Tokyo, Japan

"As a sushi lover, Tokyo has been on my bucket list forever. My friends and I had tentative plans to go in 2020, but those plans (obviously) fell through. Once I can safely travel to Japan, I won't waste a second before booking."

— Kaitlin Cubria, Senior Experiences Editor

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Algarve, Portugal

“Before the pandemic, my boyfriend and I were planning to book flights for a trip up and down Portugal's coast. It's the first place I can think of going post-pandemic — a nice little reminder that all of the plans I had pre-pandemic are still possible.”

— Kylie McConville, Editor-in-Chief


Tulum, Mexico

"I really want to visit Tulum. My friends and I planned a trip there for our senior year spring break, but COVID-19 had escalated severely by then, and we had to cancel everything. I want my last spring break back!"

— Celina Khorma, Social Media Strategist

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