If You Tell Me Your Zodiac Sign, I’ll Tell You The Perfect Spot For Your Next Vacay

Your ideal #vaxication destination is written in the stars.

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Aries: Fiji

As the assertive fire sign of the zodiac, your ideal vacation includes excitement at every turn. Fiji's made up of multiple islands you can explore while you're there, so there will never be a dull moment.

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Taurus: Santorini, Greece

With picturesque scenery and amazing food, Santorini encompasses everything your Venusian nature needs to feel comfortable and at ease.

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Gemini: Wellington, New Zealand

As the mutable air sign of the zodiac, your curious nature aligns perfectly with the most adventurous destinations in the world. From glacier trekking to bustling nightlife and art museums, you’ll never get bored in Wellington.

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Cancer: Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is known for its cozy vibe, so you’ll be eager to make it your home away from home. From the cobblestone streets to the European architecture, this beautiful city has a nostalgic aura to it.

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Leo: St. Barts, Caribbean

Your warm-hearted nature aligns perfectly with this glamorous vacation spot. From its white sand beaches to its fine dining restaurants, you’ll be living like royalty in St. Barts, with beautiful scenery and palace-like hotels.

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Virgo: Kerala, India

You tend to be all work and no play, so an Indian wellness resort can help you relax and connect back with your inner self. Being ruled by Mercury, you tend to get lost in the multiplicity of the details, and a retreat can help put your mind at ease.

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Libra: Venice, Italy

From gondola rides, to the music, to the incredible food, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Since you’re always looking for new ways to connect with your partner, taking a baecation is something you’re definitely looking forward to.

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Scorpio: Yosemite, California, USA

As the most private sign of the zodiac, your ideal vacation destination is somewhere quiet and secluded — Yosemite provides you with just that. Your determined, Mars-ruled nature will love the challenge of hiking and conquering El Capitan.

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Sagittarius: Chiang Mai, Thailand

As the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, you live for an exciting trip. In Chiang Mai, you’d have so many different activities you can partake in, from white water rafting, to kiteboarding, to scuba diving, igniting your fearless nature.

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Capricorn: Winthrop, Washington, USA

You’ve got a strong work ethic, so you may not take vacation too often — that's why you have to book this relaxing getaway. Tucked away in Washington, Winthrop has trails and mountains for miles, with quiet inns and cabins throughout so you can get the rest you need.

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Aquarius: Chamarel, Mauritius

Being the quirky sign you are, your ideal getaway requires some uniqueness to pique your interest, and this vacation encompasses that perfectly. There’s Seven Colored Earths, which is made up of assorted colored dunes, and Curious Corner, the most eclectic gallery on the island.

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Pisces: Pāhoa, Hawaii, USA

Kalani in Pāhoa is the largest retreat center in Hawaii, offering a safe space for sensitive and intuitive beings like yourself. This retreat gives you access to yoga classes, saunas, and massage rooms, providing you with the perfect place to decompress.

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