This Meme Of Zendaya Texting At The Oscars Is A Whole Mood

But was she texting Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, or the whole Spider-Man group chat?


Amid all the chaos at the 2022 Oscars, Zendaya stole the spotlight with one of the most relatable moments of the show. Cameras caught the actor texting at her table, and the “Zendaya texting” Oscars meme was born.


Obviously, everyone assumed she was texting her boyfriend, Tom Holland.

Fans even imagined what their convo must’ve looked like.

The photo felt all too familiar to Zendaya stans who had been obsessing over her Oscars look.

To make the meme even better, viewers noticed Z’s Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star Andrew Garfield was also on his phone during the awards.

It was so fun to imagine them texting each other about all the Oscars surprises...

... and gossiping about all the other A-listers around them.

They honestly had the cutest middle school besties vibes.

Of course, many of the jokes revolved around Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the ceremony.

You just know Zendaya had to fill Tom in right away.

And obvi Zendaya and Andrew had to dish to their whole Spider-Man group chat.

TBH, I’d be scrolling through Twitter at the Oscars, too. Maybe Z even saw herself go viral in real time.

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