Prime Video Canceled The Wilds And Twitter Is Extremely Unwell

With the way Season 2 ended, fans are left seriously hanging.

Prime Video

Welp, it looks like fans will never know how Gretchen’s experiment ends. The Wilds was canceled by Prime Video after two seasons, leaving viewers with a big cliffhanger and a lot of feelings about losing the beloved series.

Prime Video

The Wilds has a dedicated fanbase that was pretty distraught by the cancelation news.

In Season 1, the series followed a group of teen girls stranded on an island, who later learned they were subjects in a social experiment.

In Season 2, boys were added to that experiment (and to the series), and a lot of fans feel the show suffered because of it.

In fact, some fans think the show’s cancelation shows The Wilds’ experiment hypothesis — that girls are stronger than boys — playing out in real life.

Some fans are wondering what might have been if the boys hadn’t been added to the show in Season 2.

Some are simply convinced the show was ruined once boys were added to the cast.

A lot of people are also upset that Season 2 ended with the big cliffhanger of a totally new social experiment, and now audiences will never get to see how it turns out.

Not only is there that dangling cliffhanger, but fans are also mourning the loss of a show that championed diversity, specifically in its representation of LGBTQ+ characters.

There’s always the hope that another streaming service might pick up The Wilds. Just sayin’.

But for now, The Wilds fans are feeling their feels about the show’s cancellation.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Wilds are streaming on Prime Video.

Prime Video