First Kill Fans Are Out For Blood After Netflix Suddenly Canceled The Show

We deserve Season 2!


First Kill has no more blood to drain. Netflix shocked everyone on August 2 by not picking up its hit vampire drama for a second season, despite the debut season reportedly garnering massive ratings and a devoted fandom. Naturally, fans got their fangs out online.


The cancellation news came as a shock to First Kill’s many fans.

Especially since the first season ended on a major cliffhanger, and a depressing breakup.

But really, the main confusion was that First Kill was very clearly a huge hit for Netflix.

Deadline reported the show didn’t meet the viewership thresholds for Netflix renewal, which made no sense to fans who knew it did huge numbers.

People also called out the much worse-performing Netflix properties that got sequels, like the incredibly controversial 365 Days film series.

Like, what’s really going on here!?

The cancellation update hit extra hard because it came days after Prime Video canceled The Wilds, another show that centered a female LGBTQ+ romance.

It wasn’t long before people picked up on a trend, pointing out all the Netflix shows with WLW romances that only got one season.

First Kill fans were not having it.

And an online movement to save the show was born.

But mostly, First Kill fans are wallowing in despair.

And are forced to come to terms with a world without any more Calliope and Juliette.