Super Bowl

Twitter Thinks Irish Spring Fully Channeled Midsommar In This Super Bowl Ad

I’m scared of soap now, y’all.


Irish Spring made its Super Bowl commercial debut in 2022 with an ad that was way creepier than anyone expected. The cult-ish video had everyone comparing it to the 2019 horror movie Midsommar, and for good reason.

Irish Spring

A soap company going full-on cult in the middle of the Super Bowl? That wasn’t on my bingo card.

But sure. Why not?

I definitely wasn’t expecting the commercial to have a happy ending.

It’s not exactly a combo anyone saw coming.

It was so unexpected, it won the night for some viewers.

I’m going to be so scared of soap now.

Fans were happy to finally get Midsommar 2... or at least, the closest thing to it.

After so many absurd Super Bowl commercials, this one took it to another level. And for that, a big thanks goes out to Irish Spring.

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