The Bridgerton TikTok Musical Won A Grammy And Twitter Has THOUGHTS

The album beat out some of the musical theater world's greats.

by Ani Bundel

After Bridgerton Season 1 premiered, Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow wrote a spinoff musical that went viral on TikTok. The songs were beloved, but no one expected their resulting album to get a Grammy nom. So, when The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical won a Grammy, Twitter erupted.

barlow & bear

The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical was up against stiff competition in the musical theater album category. The other nominees were Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella, Burt Bacharach's Some Lovers, Bob Dylan's Girl From the North Country, and The 2020 Les Misérables Staged Concert.

No one thought "two TikTok girls" would take home the prize, and fans of the musical were over the moon at the pair’s underdog win.

For fans of TikTok, who are used to their favs being considered somehow “unserious,” the win was a serious boost.

It was enough to give fans the warm fuzzies.

Unsurprisingly, some pushed back against the win.

The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical is the sort of thing some musical theater fans would sneer at as fan-fiction. But here it is beating out Andrew Lloyd Webber and Les Mis.

But it’s not like the Grammys are the Tonys. There’s nothing that says the nominees have to be staged on Broadway or play sold-out shows eight times a week.

If you think about it, the fact that these two women managed to do this all by themselves, without the help of Broadway backers or big names, makes their success all the more impressive.

Bear and Barlow’s win is evidence that if you have talent, drive, and just the right amount of luck, you, too, can make it. And if that’s not what musical theater’s about, then what is?

It was just enough to restore a little faith in humanity. Now, where’s The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical sequel starring Anthony and Kate?

The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical is available on Amazon or wherever you purchase music.

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