The Emmys Snubbed Selena Gomez And Fans Are Pissed

Both her Only Murders co-stars received nominations.

by Ani Bundel
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

The Emmy nominations for the 2021-2022 TV season are here, and as usual, not everyone is happy about the results. These tweets about Selena Gomez’s 2022 Emmy nom snub for Only Murders in the Building show how disappointed fans were.

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

When Steve Martin and Martin Short were announced as nominees for Lead Actor in a Comedy, and the Emmys did not include Selena Gomez in the Lead Actress one, eyebrows shot up.

As this tweet notes, Selena is one of three leads in Only Murders and the only one overlooked.

Fans snapped right back at the Television Academy when the Lead Actress nominations were posted.

Many fans think her acting is what holds the show together, and the Academy should recognize her for it.

More than one fan noted that this is Gomez’s best work of her career, and the show needs her to ground Martin and Short.

As some Emmy watchers noted, the Lead Actress category category a formidable lineup, and that’s why she didn’t make the cut.

This isn’t the first time Selena’s been overlooked for the show (the Golden Globes also didn’t nominate her for Season 1 of the show), and as fans note, it’s starting to feel more than just a quirk of fate.

Very simply put: Selena was snubbed, and it’s just not fair.

Disappointment aside, Selena did not walk away empty-handed. She’s part of the producing team and therefore *does* have a nom for Only Murders as Outstanding Comedy.

The fact that Gomez made Emmy history as the first female Latina producer nominated for an Emmy did ease the sting of her acting snub.

Only Murders In The Building Season 1 is streaming. Season 2 is currently dropping new episodes every Tuesday on Hulu. The series has already been renewed for a third season, expected next year.

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

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