Not Okay's First Joke Flew Right Over Everyone's Heads

No, that warning was not serious.


It’s easy to hate Danni Sanders in Hulu’s new movie Not Okay. In fact, the movie even warns viewers right from the jump that she’s an “unlikable female protagonist.” But many fans didn’t realize Not Okay’s silly content warning was actually a joke. As it does, Twitter got mad.


“The content warning was borne out of, to be honest, our test screenings,” director Quinn Shephard told IndieWire. “People were quite literally like, ‘Why would someone make a movie with an unlikable woman?’” So, she added the warning as a jokey bit of satire.


However, the joke flew over a lot of viewers’ heads.

People pressing play on the movie were very confused by the bizarre warning.

Viewers took to Twitter to try to figure out if the warning was a joke or not.

Pretty soon, the phrase was trending and everyone was taking pics of their TVs in disbelief.

Since the warning is right at the start of the movie, the joke may not have been immediately clear to some viewers.

Especially since it followed two real, non-joke warnings about flashing lights and trauma.

It seriously threw so many people for a loop.

But thankfully many other people got the joke.

And for the people who got it, a new perfect self-descriptor was born.

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