The ARMY Is Calling The Grammys The #Scammys After BTS' 2022 Snub


by Ani Bundel
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once again, BTS was invited to an American awards show to perform and given the honor of a nomination. And once again, someone else took home the trophy. These tweets about BTS' 2022 Grammys Snub and the “#Scammys” show that ARMY is not here for it.


This is the second time BTS has been nominated, given a prime performance slot, and then failed to win. Fans smelled a scam.

BTS only had one nomination at the Grammys, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Butter.” Alas, the award did not go to them. Fans were not pleased.

Perhaps had this been the first time, fans would not have reacted so intensely. But twice starts to feel like a pattern.

Some fans were fatalistic about BTS’ inevitable failure to win.

The memes came thick and fast, as ARMY rounded on the Grammys with righteous fury.

However, the Grammys are known for not recognizing acts that are super popular, like Beyoncé. If she and Jay Z don’t need the Grammys, neither do BTS or ARMY.

Fans also pointed out that Doja Cat’s win for best Pop Duo (alongside SZA) could be interpreted as a consolation prize — some hoped she’d win Artist of the Year Award. So BTS wasn’t the only one hosed.

At least some fans were happy for Doja, even as they railed.

Still, fans felt used. Here they were giving the Grammys eyeballs and for what?

C’mon ARMY, the Grammys aren’t worth your energy. Let’s go home.

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