This Is Us’s 2022 Emmys Snubs Are Actually Historic

I'm still crying over this show months after it ended.

by Ani Bundel

Since it premiered, This Is Us has been the one broadcast show that reliably gets nominated in the Emmys’ increasingly streamer-heavy Outstanding Drama category. With its final season left out of the major categories, This Is Us’s 2022 Emmys snubs is a historic moment.


Fans were stunned when the major drama categories were announced and not one nod for This Is Us was mentioned.

The entire cast had advocated for Mandy Moore to be recognized for her work as Rebecca Pearson. Instead, they were collectively ignored.

The numbers don’t lie. This Is Us got 11 nominations in Season 1, eight in Season 2, nine in Season 3, six in Season 5, and five in Season 4. The final season? One.

The one nomination the show got was for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics, for Mandy Moore’s performance of “Forever Now,” which her husband Taylor Goldsmith wrote. So he’s nominated, but she’s not.

Viewers were already upset at the Academy’s steady ignoring of Moore from the first season. Her role as Rebecca may not be showy, but she was the glue that held the show together.

Fans were ready to do whatever it took to give Moore her proper due.

Notably, the Lead Actresses who did get nominated were all from shows on cable or streaming.

The same was true for the Lead Actor category, where Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia have been staples since the show’s premiere.

The Outstanding Drama category was all streaming, as if broadcast shows simply no longer made the Academy’s radar.

Broadcast networks would be right to feel nervous. If This Is Us can’t get nominated in its final year, who can?

This Is Us Seasons 1 through 6 are streaming on Hulu.


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