Just 10 Tweets That Prove Rachel Zegler Is Actually Hilarious

The West Side Story star may have a future in comedy.

by Ani Bundel
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With West Side Story, Rachel Zegler is breaking big. But musicals aren’t her only jam. She’s also starring in Snow White and Shazam 2, the latter of which will showcase her comedy chops — and Rachel Zegler’s funniest tweets are proof the actor is full of jokes.

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Upon getting cast in West Side Story, Zegler’s realization of how the entertainment world will cover her was priceless.

Before she landed the role of Snow White, Zegler manifested a Disney Princess Cinematic Universe...

After she landed that part, she recognized how true-to-life the casting is.

She’s also really into other cinematic universes.

She also has a lot of opinions about cats and who should play them.

Plus, she’s been weighing in on other upcoming musicals, like NBC’s Annie Live!

Luckily for fans, Zegler is big into creating her own memes.

She’s also into recreating other stars’ memes as well.

She’s ~super~ humble about her coming fame.

But her true love is clearly puns.

West Side Story arrives in theaters on Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2021.

20th Century Studios

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