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Twitter Had The Best Reactions To Michelle's Bachelorette Premiere

Fans did not come to play this season.

ABC/Sami Drasin

Michelle’s Young reign as the Season 18 Bachelorette is just getting started, but it’s clear the fan-favorite is already making an impression with Bachelor Nation. These tweets about Michelle’s Bachelorette premiere prove viewers are here to see Michelle score this season.

ABC/Sami Drasin

Having back-to-back-to-back Bachelor franchise seasons has clearly taken its toll on fans.

But right off the bat, it was clear fans were (rightfully) all in on the Season 18 lead.

And when Michelle’s class was shown onscreen, one of her students spoke the truth and immediately won over Bachelor Nation everywhere.

While everyone knew Michelle was a teacher, being reminded of elementary school math was the scariest part of Season 18 thus far.

Immediately, fans couldn’t help but notice all the references to Michelle’s sports days. Get ready for a lot of that this season.

One of the best parts of The Bachelorette with Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe hosting is seeing the former leads’ reactions to all of the guys arriving to set.

As soon as the guys arrived, Tayshia and Kaitlyn surprised each of the contestants in their hotel rooms for a little pre-season recon work, which naturally involved looking through all of their belongings.

During Tayshia and Kaitlyn’s hotel room raids, they came across a red folder full of Ryan Fox’s plan to get screentime and make an impression on The Bachelorette. Hopefully Michelle can teach him some spelling tips if they have a future together.

Things didn’t go too well for Ryan. Not only did Michelle send him home, but he also immediately became the brunt of many, many jokes.

Ryan wasn’t the only guy to get meme’d on Night 1. There was also... this.

And this.

Fans were also very concerned with Joe, the guy who apparently ghosted Michelle when they were chatting on IG before the show.

Above all, though, one thing was for sure: The people love Michelle.

Here’s to a season that’s hopefully full of ~open and honest~ conversations.

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