Super Bowl

The Best Memes Of 50 Cent Popping In The Halftime Show Out Of Nowhere

In da gravity-defying club.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From Katy Perry’s Left Shark in 2015 to the Weeknd’s maze last year, you can always count on the Super Bowl halftime show to deliver grade-A memes. No different was the 2022 Super Bowl, with an upside-down 50 Cent popping in as a surprise guest.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

His upside-down moment was giving bats, which is, you know, something.

You know who else likes to hang upside down? Spider-Man.

Here’s hoping someone gave 50 Cent water and a chair after his performance.

There’s a reason he was upside-down. 50 Cent performed his 2003 hit “In Da Club,” and he appears in the music video hanging upside-down.

Fans were worried about 50, and for good reason.

Memes aside, the halftime show was a cornucopia of ‘90s-and-‘00s-era hip-hop nostalgia. Count LeBron James as a fan.

50 Cent’s surprise appearance surely caused many viewers twist their heads and say, “Hey, that’s 50 Cent!” Now, go use your neck roller.

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