Twitter Is Obsessed With This Clip Of Lorde Shushing Fans

Only Lorde sings “Writer in the Dark”

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Artists often encourage their fans to sing along at concerts but not always. Just ask Lorde. A video of the singer shushing fans during her 2017 Melodrama tour recently resurfaced, and it quickly went viral. Here are some of the loudest (sorry!) shushing memes.

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In the clip, Lorde performs an a capella version of her 2017 song “Writer In The Dark” before she shushes the crowd who was singing along. The video reminded one user of that scene in Euphoria where Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) tries to keep quiet while lying in a bathtub.

How exactly do you stay quiet during a Lorde concert, especially when she’s singing such an emotional song? Just pretend to not know the lyrics, I guess.

“Writer In the Dark” is a piano balled, so it’s understandable why Lorde wanted to quiet the audience.

Maybe Lorde should give fans a warning next time she prefers to keep things silent though, right?

The clip recalled this hilarious scene of Jennifer Coolidge in the Netflix rom-com, Single All the Way.

Another fan seemed to joke that they won’t even be able to sing along to Lorde’s songs on the radio without the shushing video coming to mind.

Lorde once said “Writer In the Dark” is a very personal track to her, so maybe she shushed fans because she wanted them to really listen to the lyrics of her song.

All jokes aside, Lorde has repeatedly stated how much she loves her fans, and her fans love her. Something tells me Lorde stans are getting their life singing alongside her on the Solar Power tour.

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