Fans On Twitter Are Calling Out Euphoria's Creator For Kat's Awful Storyline

The rumor that Sam Levinson and Barbie Ferreira don't get along isn't helping things.


Fans on Twitter have been asking why Kat’s Euphoria Season 2 arc... well, sucks. And since The Daily Beast reported actor Barbie Ferreira and show creator Sam Levinson fought over her character’s direction, the discourse has only heightened.


Rumor has it that Euphoria creator Sam Levinson cut several of Kat’s scenes from Season 2, possibly due to his reported disagreements with Ferreira, the actor who plays her. (Elite Daily reached out to HBO about this rumor, but didn’t hear back in time for publication.)

Fans also think Levinson purposely made Kat worse in Season 2, particularly in her breakup scene with Ethan.

Some Twitter users also pointed to Kat’s puzzling webcam dance at the end of Lexi’s play, which felt random, gratuitous, and not in line with her character development at all.

According to anonymous tips shared by DeuxMoi Levinson wanted Kat to develop an eating disorder in Season 2, but Ferreira wasn’t here for it. (Again, these rumors are unconfirmed but Twitter is clearly running with them.)

The rumors come on the heels of various Euphoria stars revealing they were uncomfortable with nude scenes Levinson had written for their characters.

If Lexi’s play felt true to life, it might be because even she didn’t give Kat any lines.

At this point, Kat’s absence from the show has become a meme to Euphoria fans.

Kat’s definitely not a main character anymore, and barely even a side character.

All Kat’s really done this season is break up with Ethan and stand behind Maddy.

Like, blink and you’ll miss her.

All in all, it’s been a very disappointing season for Kat fans, but at least the memes have been fun.

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