We Need To Talk About Anna's Accent In Inventing Anna

Fans immediately had a visceral reaction to it.

by Ani Bundel
Nicole Rivelli/Netflix © 2021

Although Inventing Anna offers a lush view of a true-crime story and the super-rich, actor Julia Garner’s accent as Anna has dominated the discourse. These tweets about the accent from Inventing Anna viewers help explain why.


First of all, Garner’s accent isn’t wrong. It just sounds fake, because so did Anna Delvey’s accent IRL.

For most of Twitter, it was like listening to a car crash.

Viewers immediately compared it to other famously bad accents.

Fans tried in vain to identify what they were hearing, exactly.

Some viewers found it just too overwhelming to handle.

Others couldn’t get past it and abandoned watching the show altogether.

But others absolutely loved it, because it does actually nail the accent Delvey used.

It was such a big deal, people even rejoined Twitter to talk about it.

Thank heavens for closed captions.

Hard truths, spoken.

But even those who struggled admitted that the Shonda Rhimes of it all was enough to keep watching.

All episode of Inventing Anna are streaming on Netflix.

Aaron Epstein/Netflix © 2021

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