Olivia Rodrigo's Most Inspiring Quotes Are So Good 4 U

You won’t be able to get these quotes out of your head.

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Olivia Rodrigo’s music speaks for itself, yet even when she isn’t singing her heart out and uncovering her vulnerable side, this pop princess has a lot to say. From honest advice to motivational quotes, here are some of her most inspiring words of wisdom.

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We’re so much more alike than we are different. At the core of it all, we’re all feeling the same feelings of fear and sadness and loneliness and happiness and love.

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On The Entertainment Industry:

“As a society, we definitely have to reexamine the way we treat women in the entertainment industry.” Teen Vogue

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That’s my ideal life. I just wanna be, like, 30, in a mid century-modern house with two babies and a husband, writing songs that I like, and having brunch with my girls on the weekends.

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On Work:

“I love constructive criticism, as I think it really means that somebody cares about you and your art— if they're willing to say I think you could do better, it means they’re going to bat for you.” Vogue

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Heartbreak is so universal.

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On Sadness:

“I’ve never felt as deep a sadness as I did when I was truly, truly heartbroken and devastated.” Rolling Stone

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Success in my eyes would be making music that I feel really proud of, and I feel like it challenges me and excites me and hopefully makes people feel understood.

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On Being A Woman:

“I think women are praised for always being nice and kind and helpful. And that's something that I've had to sort of outgrow as I grew up as a young woman in the world.” GQ

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