That Messy Conversations With Friends Ending Has Twitter So Split

Either you hated to love it, or you loved to hate it.

by Dylan Kickham

Conversations with Friends is a messy show with a messy finale. Frances got back with Bobbi, but couldn’t resist starting up another flirtation with Nick in the final, ambiguous moments. These tweets about Conversations with Friends’ ending reveal how fans feel about it.


Some viewers thought Frances starting things up with Nick again undermined her freshly rebuilt relationship with Bobbi.

Others were totally wrapped up in Nick’s charms, especially his final line.

On the one hand, the show’s portrayal of Bobbi had some fans really rooting for her to end up with Frances.

But other viewers were all in on Frances and Nick’s romance, so that last little flirtation felt perfect.

For some viewers, the ending just plain didn’t make sense.

And some even thought the ending ruined a show they otherwise enjoyed.

Book readers knew the ambiguous ending was coming, yet were still disappointed by it all over again.

But some fans relished in the messiness of it all.

Basically, the split comes down to Team Bobbi or Team Nick, even though people who’ve read the book pointed out the character dynamics are a bit different in the show.

In particular, fans are pointing out that Nick was never really written to be super charismatic.

Whatever you felt about that open-ended ending, fans definitely had a big response to it.

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