There Were So Many HIMYM Easter Eggs In The How I Met Your Father Premiere

The nostalgia is so real.

by Dylan Kickham

How I Met Your Father doesn’t include any of the cast or characters from How I Met Your Mother, but the new Hulu series does have several little shoutouts to the original sitcom. Here are the standouts from the two-episode premiere.


The nods to HIMYM kick off right away. The new show’s opening credits mirror HIMYM’s, as a new version of the classic theme plays while photos of the characters fly by.

The How I Met Your Mother gang constantly hung out at their favorite bar: MacLaren's. While that specific pub doesn’t appear in the new show, the new crew does make a traditional bar their go-to spot: Pemberton’s.


Much like How I Met Your Mother’s series premiere started with Marshall proposing to Lily, How I Met Your Father’s premiere centers on Sid proposing to Hannah.

Similarly, Jesse’s embarrassing proposal fail mirrors Ted initially scaring Robin off by prematurely declaring his love for her in the HIMYM pilot.


The biggest connection to HIMYM is Jesse and Sid’s apartment. It’s the same apartment Ted, Marshall, and Lily lived in on the original show.

Jesse mentioned he bought the apartment from an “old married couple” from a Wesleyan alumni group (aka Lily and Marshall). He also pointed out he got to keep the iconic swords the HIMYM crew would often duel with.


The penguin figurines in Ian’s apartment are another nod to Robin Scherbatsky. On HIMYM, Ted used Robin’s love for the animal to distract her during fights.


In the first episode, Ian reveals he’s a marine biologist, to which Sophie replies, “That is 100% fake.” It’s a callback to Robin mistakenly maintaining the North Pole isn’t real while breaking up with her marine biologist boyfriend.

Charlie insisting on wearing a dapper suit to the club is a total Barney Stinson move.

Kim Cattrall narrates the new series as an older version of Sophie telling her son the story of how she met his father in the same way Bob Saget voiced an older Ted telling his kids the story in the original.


The clearest shoutout to the original series came at the end of the premiere, when a card reading “In loving memory of Bob Saget” flashed before the credits. Saget was HIMYM’s narrator, and he passed away days before the reboot’s premiere.