Here's Where Each Couple Stands After The Ultimatum

There's so much to unpack.


Netflix’s The Ultimatum was a wild ride from the start. Viewers were on the edge of their seats waiting to see which couples would make up or break up, until the April 13 finale and reunion finally revealed everyone’s relationship status.


Madlyn & Colby

The show’s newlyweds are still together and seem to be happy. Madlyn even revealed she’s pregnant with their first baby in the reunion episode.


Lauren & Nathan

No surprises here — Lauren and Nathan got engaged early on in The Ultimatum, and they’re still together post-filming. In the reunion, Lauren said they’ve been working through their issues and have agreed to have one kid.


Alexis & Hunter

Another happy ending: Alexis and Hunter are still engaged following The Ultimatum. Alexis revealed in the reunion episode they’re planning a summer wedding.


April & Jake

Unfortunately, April and Jake’s relationship couldn’t survive The Ultimatum. The couple broke up in the finale, but April revealed in the reunion she’s in a happy relationship with someone else.

Rae & Zay

This chaotic couple broke under the show’s pressure. Rae and Zay ended things during the show, and although they revealed in the reunion they tried to work things out, they remain exes.


Rae & Jake

They may have left The Ultimatum together, but the reunion episode revealed Rae and Jake ended things shortly after filming. Rae said she’s casually dating a woman after revealing she’s bisexual.

Shanique & Zay

Shanique and Zay’s trial marriage got very steamy, but the two made it clear their hookup didn’t lead to a serious relationship.


Shanique & Randall

This couple wound up getting engaged on the show, but changed their minds after filming. Shanique confirmed in the reunion that she and Randall took a break after the show, but are now together again, though no longer engaged.

All episodes of The Ultimatum Season 1 are streaming on Netflix.


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