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The 9 Most Cringe Moments From Clayton's "Women Tell All"

It's the recap fans deserve.

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Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor has been messy AF. From shrimp-gate to Clayton accusing multiple women of being fake, there’s been a lot of cringe-worthy moments. So it’s no surprise that Clayton’s “Women Tell All” episode was also full of cringe. Let's recap.


Cassidy Defended Her FWB

The other women had a lot to say about Cassidy having a friend-with-benefits IRL while she was on the show, which brought sex-shamey vibes to the reunion right off the bat.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Shanae Versus Genevieve Continued

Shanae doubled down on her accusation that Genevieve Parisi is an actor and also accused her of hooking up with Aaron Clancy from BIP, which Genevieve denied.

Shanae Refused To Apologize

It’s no secret Shanae made a lot of enemies this season, and the other women came ready to air their grievances. Shanae stood her ground, though, and said she had nothing to apologize for.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Clayton’s Brother Slid Into Teddi’s DMs

Teddi shocked everyone by revealing one of Clayton’s brothers DM’ed her after she left the show, although she didn’t say which one. She never responded to the message anyway; she said one Echard was enough for her.

Teddi Called Sarah Out

Teddi Wright confronted Sarah Hamrick over lying to the other women about Clayton crying during their date. She also said she was hurt because she considered Sarah a friend.


Sierra Put Clayton On Blast

Once Clayton took the hot seat, he took a lot of heat. Sierra told him she wasn’t sure whether he’s engaged now, but that he didn’t seem ready to be a husband based on his actions during the season.

Clayton Put Shanae On Blast

The women were mostly angry with Clayton for not listening to them about Shanae, and he admitted Shanae led him astray, saying trusting Shanae was “the worst thing” he could have done.


Sarah Called Clayton Out

She said that watching the show back, it felt like Clayton was the one who was constantly stirring the pot in their relationship, even though Clayton accused her of causing drama.


Everyone Fought About Whether Clayton Cried With Sarah

Sarah doubled down on her claim that Clayton cried during their one-on-one date, but Clayton adamantly denied it.

More cringe moments are sure to come when The Bachelor continues Tuesday, March 8, at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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