These Photos Of BTS Then Vs. Now Will Make ARMYs Sentimental

They’ve truly changed SO much.

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These Photos Of BTS Then Vs. Now Will Make ARMYs Sentimental

BTS has evolved so much since debuting in 2013. They initially introduced themselves as a hip hop group, but as time went on, they began experimenting with various genres that made it hard to define their music style. Now, BTS doesn’t box themselves into a specific category. To go along with their ever-evolving sound, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have tried out various aesthetics through the years, and have settled into styles that are completely their own. These photos of BTS then vs. now show just how much they’ve grown since their 2 Cool 4 Skool era.

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RM Then

RM had some bold looks back in the day, but his black mohawk was the most unforgettable from the early days. Paired with his black shades and gold chain necklace, his style in 2013 definitely made him stand out on the red carpet.

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RM Now

RM’s style has matured through the years. These days, his looks are more toned down. While he may no longer rock a mohawk, he makes a statement every comeback by continuously changing his hair color. For BTS’ “Butter” comeback in May 2021, RM debuted a softer, light pink color.

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Jin Then

Jin entered BTS’ “No More Dream” era with light brown hair, which has since become his signature color. Similar to RM, he wore dark clothing and gold accessories to match the group’s aesthetic at the time.

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Jin Now

From his schoolboy look during BTS’ Skool Luv Affair era to his all-denim moment for the group’s Love Yourself: Tear comeback, Jin hasn’t failed to make fans swoon every time he’s changed up his style. When ARMYs saw he grew his hair out into a mullet in 2021, they collectively screamed at how effortlessly he pulled it off.

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Suga Then

In the beginning, Suga was all about wanting a “big house, big car, and big rings.” Just like the rest of BTS, he rocked mostly black clothing and dark hair to match the group’s tough-guy persona at the time.

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Suga Now

After going through several different aesthetics through the years, Suga is a brunette again. Unlike his shorter hairstyle during BTS’ debut, however, he’s now joined Jin in having a brown mullet for BTS’ “Butter” comeback.

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J-Hope Then

BTS had a very edgy aesthetic during their Dark & Wild era. At the time, J-Hope rocked a black jacket, black leather pants, and red sneakers. He also had on a gold chain necklace that made a nod toward the group’s “No More Dream” debut.

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J-Hope Now

Although J-Hope has changed a lot through the years, one thing remains the same: His smile is as gorgeous as ever! His blonde hair during BTS’ “Butter” comeback suited him so well because it made his smile stand out even more.

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Jimin Then

In 2013, Jimin rocked a simple brown hairdo. He also wore a variety of tank tops to show off his biceps, and sometimes, he would even lift his shirt up to reveal his abs during performances. *Swoon*

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Jimin Now

Now, Jimin is known for his softer style. One of fans’ favorite hair colors on him is blonde because it goes perfectly with his bright and charismatic persona. He also makes ARMYs blush on stage these days just by being his cute self.

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V Then

V was a member who was kept secret until the very last minute when BTS debuted, so you can imagine how surprised ARMYs were to see this handsome face!

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V Now

ARMYs can’t imagine BTS without V. He has an undeniable stage presence that makes him stand out during performances. He’s also never afraid to experiment with new looks, whether that be dying his hair half blonde, half pink, or styling it with curls like he did for BTS’ “Butter” press conference in May 2021.

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Jungkook Then

Aw, look at that face! As fans know, Jungkook used to be a little shy at the beginning of the group’s career. In an October 2020 interview with Japan’s FC Magazine, he revealed he used to be intimated by large crowds. He was only 16 when BTS debuted, so who can blame him for being nervous?

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Jungkook Now

Along with the rest of BTS, Jungkook’s confidence has grown so much through the years. Now, when he wants a tattoo or a new piercing, he just goes and gets it. He also isn’t nervous about being in the spotlight anymore. In fact, he’s so charming that his name trends on Twitter whenever he does something on stage or on the red carpet to make ARMYs’ heart race.

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