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4 Tiny Details In The Bridgerton Season 2 Opening Credits

There are so many differences from the Season 1 sequence.

by Ani Bundel
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Fans of Netflix’s Bridgerton are known for closely watching the series for all kinds of easter eggs. But fans may have missed the tiny changes between the Bridgerton Season 1 and 2 opening credits sequence. Take a look.


Season 1: Daphne’s Story

The Season 1 opening credits begin on the page, a nod to the novels they’re based on. Fittingly, the first season opens with the words “Daphne Bridgerton,” the season’s heroine.


Season 2: Anthony’s Story

For Season 2, it’s a different book in front of the reader. This time it’s “Anthony Bridgerton” written center of the page, noting the hero of the new love story.


Season 1: The Newly Returned Duke

Like on the first page, the words on the tree in Season 1 are all about the upcoming story — a page from Lady Whistledown’s gossip sheet discussing the “newly returned” Duke of Hastings and the “season’s diamond,” Daphne.


Season 2: The Eldest Son

For Season 2, the writing on the tree is different, the same way the name on the page was. Here, it’s Lady Whistledown’s sheet discussing Lady Violet’s announcement that “the eldest son and heir” of the family is looking to wed.


Season 1: Wedding Candles

For Season 1, the junction of branches on the tree where two become one has candles in the center, referencing the candles from Daphne and Simon’s ceremony and wedding night.


Season 2: Pall Mall Ball

For Season 2, the item on the tree branches has changed. Now two become one at the point of a Pall Mall ball, with three wickets where the candles once were.


Season 1: Daphne’s Dance Card

For Daphne, the item hanging from the tree is a dance card, the oh-so-important list on her wrist she’s hoping to fill by fake-dating the Duke, and the thing that leads to their romance.


Season 2: Anthony’s Pocket Watch

For Season 2, the dance card is now a pocket watch, the one he inherited at 18 when his father passed. It also represents Anthony’s race for a wife before the season is over, which leads him to quickly court Edwina


What will Season 3’s opening credits contain? Fans will have to wait to find out.

Bridgerton Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.


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