All Those Doctor Strange 2 Cameos, Explained

And Bruce Campbell!

by Ani Bundel
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Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness follow.

The MCU’s new film is corny with that Illuminati mess, but it provided cameos, some of them tied in Marvel films across the decades. Here are all the cameos in Doctor Strange 2.

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Professor X

One of the original stars from 1999’s The X-Men, Patrick Stewart, reprised his role as Professor X in Doctor Strange, tying the MCU back to Marvel’s first successful film.

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Reed Richards

John Krasinski has been a fan-favorite to play the role of Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) in the MCU ever since the reboot of the 2005 film was announced. You’re welcome.

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Though in this universe, Tony Stark’s Ultron program was never contained and ultimately shut down, apparently, the one in the 838 was. It now works for the Illuminati.

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Dr. Nicodemus West

Michael Stuhlbarg reprised his rival to Dr. Strange from the first film for about 90 seconds in the new one, rendering it a cameo appearance.

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Black Bolt

A bolt from one of Marvel’s few failures, Anson Mount reprised his role as Inhuman Black Bolt from the now-canceled ABC series The Inhumans as part of the Illuminati.

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Captain Maria Marvel

In the 838, the Illuminati’s version of Captain Marvel isn’t Carol Danvers; it’s her BFF Maria Rambeau. Does that mean Monica in WandaVision is now Carol's daughter instead?

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Billy & Tommy

Speaking of WandaVision, Billy and Tommy Maximoff turn up in Dr. Strange, living their lives (sans father Vision) in the 838 multiverse.

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Captain Carter

And finally, the last of the Illuminati gave fans the live-action version of Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter, a character introduced in the animated series What If... in 2021.

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Defender & Zombie Strange

There were a lot of What If... live-action cameos. Benedict Cumberbatch played several, including Defender Strange in the film’s opening moments; He then turned into Zombie Strange, also from What If..., for the film’s third act.

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Evil Strange

Cumberbatch also played Evil Strange, a third variant from the What If... episodes.

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The mid-credits sequence featured Charlize Theron as Clea, a love interest for Strange from the comics. Her appearance promised Theron is now MCU bound.

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Bruce Campbell

But the best post-credits scene in Marvel history went to Bruce Campbell, director Sam Rami’s longtime muse. Campbell’s not an MCU player, but his turn as a pizza guy endlessly hitting himself was comic relief at its finest.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is playing in theaters now. The rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on Disney+, except for the Spider-Man films and The Incredible Hulk, available via Starz, HBO Max, and Amazon rentals.

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