10 Fun, Not-Too-Freezing Date Ideas To Try This January

It’s time to snuggle up.

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Leaving your house in January is a challenge — whether logistically (icy, snow-blocked roads) or mentally (really not wanting to get off your couch). But if you don’t want to put your love life on hold for the next month, here are some January date ideas that are worth breaking hibernation for.

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Watch A Movie Marathon

To me, January is synonymous with one long string of movie marathons. Instead of weathering the cold, grab the popcorn and snuggle up inside.

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Take A Hike

Winter weather can make outdoor activities seem more intimidating. Still, there’s no reason you can’t bundle up and explore some hiking trails during January. There are plenty of views to admire — the scenery and your hiking companion.

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Go Ice-Skating

Ice-skating is the classic winter date for good reason. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to spend a little more time outdoors this winter. Not to mention, it gives you the perfect excuse to hold your crush’s hand.

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Head To Your Local Museum

Embrace your creative side with a museum date. Taking in the art takes off the pressure of making constant conversation, though your surroundings can also inspire some pretty fascinating discussions.

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Plan A Kitchen Date

Spending some quality time in the kitchen together can tell you a lot about a person. So whether you’re more of a baker or a cook, this can be a great way to bond with your crush. You get a yummy reward at the end, too!

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Get A Coffee And Go For A Walk

Coffee (or tea!) is a great hand warmer, so why not grab a quick hot drink to start off your next date? Not to mention, there’s so much people-watching opportunity with this date idea — perfect if you’re low on topics for small talk.

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Go Sledding

Embrace the winter spirit, grab a sled, and hit the nearest hill. It’s an easy way to cozy up to your date, and it’s genuinely really fun. Bonus points if you share hot cocoa afterward.

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Have A Board Game Night

Board games are a great way to get to know someone new. Are they into Monopoly or Guess Who? Do they have a knack for chess? Embracing your competitive side the perfect gateway to fun, flirty, teasing banter.

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Take An Exercise Class Together

Whether over Zoom or IRL, taking a workout class and sweating it out together is an awesome idea. If you’re feeling their vibe and want to keep the date going, post-class smoothies and bonding over one too many pushups are always good options.

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Stargaze Outside

Is it just me or do the stars in winter just look a little brighter? This cuddly date idea is the perfect opportunity to set up a fire pit if you have one.

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Just because it’s frigid temps outside doesn’t mean your dating life has to be quite as cold. Here’s to a romance-filled January!

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