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In True Y2K Fashion, Bright Bags And Neon Purses Are Back In Style

Megan Fox and Dua Lipa can’t get enough.

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The Y2K fashion trend is still going strong, with celebs like Dua Lipa stepping out with chunky, neon, plastic purses worthy of a Bratz doll. If you want to live like an A-lister (minus the bank account), consider adding one of the following neon, acrylic bags to your rotation, without hurting your wallet.

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Megan Fox showed off For Bitches’ Bow Bag ($368, For Bitches), a bright orange, acrylic bag in the shape of a bow, during a date night with MGK in Feb. 2022. “Was going for business casual Bratz doll,” she very fittingly captioned her ‘fit on Instagram.

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Women's Acrylic Chain Plastic Crossbody Bag
The Curve Story

To get the bold color Fox loves, The Curve Story’s Plastic Bag ($24, the Curve Story) is as bright as can be. This bag is so vibrant, you could probably take it out jogging in the middle of the night as your only deterrent against traffic.

Butterfly-Shaped Women Luxury Designer Handbags
Ali Express

Although it probably won’t fit your phone (unless you’re using a flip), Ali Express’s Butterfly Bag ($31, Ali Express) is a shimmering, funky take on the Y2K trend. It’s got big rhinestones and a sparkly fabric to hit all your glamorous dreams.


A clear purse like Nicole Williams English’s purple accessory screams Y2K. The peek-a-boo moment lets her show off what else than a Fenty Beauty palette.

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Acrylic Box Handbag
KASH Queen

It’s time to Zoey 101 your keys, because they’re going to be on display with KASH Queen’s Acrylic Box Handbag ($58, KASH Queen). The see-through orange is already so fun, but its chunky chain make it all the better.

Lil' Bratz Hearts and Flowers Silver Colored Faux Leather Girl's Purse

It doesn’t get more Bratz-esque than a purse with the dolls actually on it. With logos, patches, and some vibey pattern, the Lil’ Bratz Girls Purse ($24, Walmart) will have you looking like the poutiest, flyest person at the party.


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