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Pokémon Introduced 3 New Starters And They're Already Meme Gold

Donald Duck is a Pokémon now?


Pokémon fans got a huge surprise on Sunday, Feb. 27, when the beloved game announced two upcoming games: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The three new starters — Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Qwaxly — were revealed in a video and instantly inspired memes.

Qwaxly got the most internet attention thanks to its uncanny resemblance to Donald Duck.

Given that Donald himself is already a meme, it’s no wonder Quaxly took over the internet.

Fans even created a fake evolution for Qwaxly based on Donald Duck’s Kingdom Hearts outfit.

Qwaxly wasn’t alone in the meme love. The internet also fell for Sprigatito, an adorable grass-type kitten.

Given its grass typing and interesting face markings, Sprigatito was immediately associated with a specific herb.

Obviously, cat memes are all over the internet, so Sprigatito fit right in.

As for Fuecoco, its unique design drew a lot of comparisons to apples, and in turn, the already existing apple Pokémon, Applin.

It also received a lot of comparisons to the crewmates from the game Among Us.

But most of all, Pokémon fans were just excited to have another crocodile-inspired Pokémon.

In summary, trainers have a toking cat, an Among Us apple, and Donald Duck to choose from. Good luck picking one!

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