9 Hilarious April Fools’ Day Products You'll Be Glad Aren't Real

OK, I kinda want the Popsicle-flavored lip balm…


It’s April Fools’ Day, and brands did not play when it came to releasing “new” products. From Welch’s to Hellmann’s, you’ll see some strange combinations on your feeds.

Thankfully, these April Fools’ Day 2022 products aren’t real at all — so don’t try to add broccoli lip balm to your cart.


Welch’s Vegetable Snacks

All for healthy snacks, but Welch’s, please stick to fruits.

Courtesy of Welch's

Hellmann’s & Butterfinger Mayonnaise

Taking sweet and salty tooooo far. No cap.

Courtesy of Hellmann's and Butterfinger

Cap’n Crunch Soggie-O’s

There’s truly nothing worse than soggy cereal. *shivers*

Courtesy of Cap'n Crunch

ChapStick Broccoli Lip Balm

The flavor of chapstick no one asked for. (But a new green apple flavor might be a reality.)

Courtesy of ChapStick

SunMaid Grape Jerky

Grape jerky is what I’ll be calling raisins from now on.

Courtesy of SunMaid

Green Goddess Salad Deodorant & Body Lotion

This is what happens when Native x Baked by Melissa take smelling fresh too literally. But if you want to smell like cupcakes, there is a very real Native x Baked by Melissa collection of cupcake scented personal care products.

Courtesy of Native

Popsicle x Vaseline Lipsicles

Not the worst idea?

Courtesy of Popsicle and Vaseline

Banza Just the Sauce Packets

Teasing fans who wish this one was real.

Courtesy of Banza

Dr. Squatch Beef Jerky Bar Soap

No one has ever wished to smell like beef jerky. But your dog might love you for it.

Courtesy of Dr. Squatch

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