Here’s The Tropical Beach That's On Your Zodiac's Travel Bucket List

The stars say it’s time for a vacay.

by Andrea Hannah
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Everyone loves a tropical beach, but each zodiac sign definitely has their preferences. Whether you’re a homey Cancer looking for a chill vibe, or an adventurous Sagittarius who wants to surf some waves, your bucket list beach vacation is written in the stars.


Aries: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is an adventurer’s dream, which is right up every thrill-seeking Aries’ alley. Try your hand at snorkeling, parasailing, zip-lining, or just enjoy the gorgeous views.


Taurus: Oahu, Hawaii

No one loves a lush backdrop more than earthy Taurus, and Oahu’s world-famous beaches definitely deliver. Plus, this luxury-loving sign can bliss out on the beach with decadent tropical drinks.


Gemini: Miami Beach, Florida

This super social sign loves meeting new people, and Miami Beach is a regular spring break hotspot. On top of the gorgeous white sand beach, bubbly Gemini can restaurant-hop on Ocean Drive to try all the trendy sips.


Cancer: Tulum, Mexico

With lush scenery and tons of secret coves to explore, privacy-loving Cancer will feel right at home in Tulum. Plus, this sweet escape is known for its amazing restaurants and boutique bed-and-breakfasts, which is right up Cancer’s alley.

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Leo: Cancun, Mexico

Leo loves a good party — even better if it’s on the beach. Cancun is the perfect beach getaway for spotlight-loving Leo, whether they’re hitting up the bars and restaurants or showing off their favorite bathing suit.


Virgo: Whale Tail, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly travel destinations on the planet, which warms every earth-loving Virgo’s heart. And with plenty of fresh, local produce, they’ll be living their sustainability dreams.

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Libra: Los Cabos, Mexico

Every harmony-loving Libra will love the soothing blend of ocean and desert in world-famous Los Cabos. The #aesthetic is just too good, and the white-sand beaches and rock formations make a great photo backdrop.


Scorpio: Pa'ako Cove, Maui

Secretive Scorpio loves a hotspot all to themselves, and Pa’ako Cove does not disappoint. It’s lesser known than some of the other beaches on Maui, so Scorpio can sunbathe in solitude.


Sagittarius: Montego Bay, Jamaica

There’s so much to do in action-packed Montego Bay that even the most excitable Sagittarius will keep busy. Between ocean kayaking, SCUBA-diving, and jungle treks, they’ll only have time for the beach after all the fun.


Capricorn: Marigot, St. Lucia

As the CEO of the zodiac, Capricorn knows what they want and won’t settle for less. That’s why luxurious Marigot beach and all of its world-class villas and resorts in St. Lucia are Caps’ perfect match.


Aquarius: Pig Beach, The Bahamas

Quirky Aquarius loves to stray off the beaten path. Pig Beach in the Bahamas has all the white sand beauty of other Bahamian beaches, but with the added bonus of wild pigs who swim along the shore.


Pisces: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tender Pisces appreciates a respite from the world, and San Juan’s stunning ocean sunsets make the perfect backdrop for a restful vacay. When they aren’t at the beach, every Pisces will love picking up trinkets from local artisans.


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