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11 White Elephant Gift Ideas, Inspired By The White Lotus Characters

Are you a Harper or a Daphne?

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Rich people aren’t always the best gift-givers. Just look at the vacationers in The White Lotus Season 2. Sure, some may be able to ace a white elephant gift exchange, but others would be hopeless. At least the party would be fun to sit in on!

Courtesy of HBO
Gold Foil Tarot Cards

Tanya McQuoid: A Tarot Card Deck

Don’t believe in tarot? Doesn’t matter. Tanya believes enough for everyone, and definitely thinks nobody should be without a good tarot card deck.

Bluetooth Beanie

Ethan Spiller: A Bluetooth Beanie

Every bro needs the latest innovative (and unnecessary) gadget. Ethan would be all about this Bluetooth-enabled beanie. “It’s perfect for a run,” he’ll tell you, before you throw it in a drawer and never take it out again.

'New Yorker' Annual Subscription
The New Yorker

Harper Spiller: A New Yorker Subscription

Oh, you’re not already subscribed to the New Yorker? How do you keep up with current events? Don’t worry, Harper came prepared with the perfect gift for party poopers everywhere.

La Fervance Eclat Extraordinaire
Safe & Chic

Daphne Sullivan: La Fervance Eclat Extraordinaire

Whoops, Daphne totally forgot everyone agreed to a $30 limit! She just couldn’t resist showing off this luxurious skincare cream she bought while wintering in Paris. Don’t worry about the price — it’s her treat!

CBD Gummies

Cameron Sullivan: CBD Gummies

Daphne wouldn’t let Cameron regift the baggie of molly he found in his bathroom cabinet, so he tried to tone it down with a tamer gift. At least you’ll still get a little buzz.

Circleware Skyline Shot Glasses

Portia: Shot Glass Set

Holiday parties can be a total drag, unless you take it upon yourself to liven them up. Portia knows exactly what she’s doing by gifting a fun set of shot glasses. Once the presents are open, it’s time to drink.

'We Should All Be Feminists' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Semicolon Bookstore

Albie Di Grasso: We Should All Be Feminists

Albie was engrossed by this book when he read it in his Women’s Studies class at Stanford. It’s just really important to respect women, ya know? Did he mention he went to Stanford?

$25 Starbucks Gift Card

Dominic Di Grasso: A Starbucks Gift Card

Dom kinda forgot this thing was happening today. Thankfully, his assistant picked up a nice gift card for him to give away. Who doesn’t love Starbucks, right?

'The Godfather' 3-Movie Collection

Bert Di Grasso: The Godfather DVD Box Set

What do you mean you’ve never seen The Godfather? It’s the greatest movie ever made! Bert will make sure you’ve seen it, even if nobody at the party has a DVD player anymore.

Kikkerland Cat Kitchen Timer
World Market

Valentina: A Cat Timer

Ah, the gift of punctuality. Now nobody has an excuse to be late around Valentina. Plus, although she’d never admit it, Valentina just can’t resist a cute cat theme when she sees it.

Nevlers Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Lucia & Mia: A Bedazzled Karaoke Mic

Lucia and Mia know how to bring the party. A little singing is exactly what these sticks in the mud need to loosen up. But whoever gets the mic has to let Mia use it first. Sorry, you can have it back right after her song.


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