This Is The National Park You Should Visit Next, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The cosmos wants you to get outdoors.

by Andrea Hannah
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Ah, the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite as peaceful as breathing in fresh air and gazing out at a gorgeous landscape, which is easy to do at one of the nation’s many national parks. And here’s a secret: your zodiac sign can tell you which National Park you’ll connect with most.

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So, grab your boots and your backpack, and head to the stunning national park that your zodiac sign is drawn to. You may even be able to take advantage of these free National Park Days for 2022 if the stars align.

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Aries: Yellowstone National Park

Pioneering Aries loves to explore, and with so much mountainous terrain in Yellowstone, this zodiac sign will never get bored. Between the landscape, wildlife, and history, there’s definitely plenty to do.

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Taurus: Redwood National Park

Earthy Taurus feels rejuvenated under the lush and green trees, so it only makes sense that Redwood National Park will feel so restorative. There are hiking trails of all levels and gorgeous Northern California views.


Gemini: Zion National Park

An “oasis among the desert,” Zion National Park in Utah is perfect for curious Geminis who want to explore. There’s a wide variety of terrain, including “The Narrows” along the canyon floor.


Cancer: Acadia National Park

No one loves the water as much as gentle Cancer, and Acadia National Park in Maine butts up right to the Atlantic. It also features rich history and a historic lighthouse that sentimental Cancer will love to learn about.


Leo: Grand Canyon National Park

Charismatic Leo loves a good show-stopper, and let’s be real, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is truly iconic. Plus, all those reds and golds match perfectly with Leo’s warm personality.


Virgo: Banff National Park

Virgo deeply appreciates the beauty of nature, and with all of Banff’s untouched land, they can fully immerse themselves in the landscape without human interference. Between Canada’s pristine mountain lakes and ocean-blue skies, this national park is Virgo heaven.


Libra: Arches National Park

No one loves a good landscape #aesthetic quite like artsy Libra. Arches National Park in Utah features statue-like arches against a watercolor sky that will surely take a Libra’s breath away.


Scorpio: Crater Lake National Park

Mysterious Scorpio has a mind just as deep as Crater Lake in Oregon, so they’re sure to feel quite at home in this national park. This private zodiac sign will also appreciate the calm and quite atmosphere.


Sagittarius: Yosemite National Park

As the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius will love exploring Yosemite’s cliff sides and iconic hiking trails. There’s so much natural landscape to explore here that Sag will never tire of heading out into the wild.


Capricorn: Rocky Mountain National Park

Whether it’s up the corporate ladder or the side of a mountain, Capricorn loves to climb. Luckily, there are plenty of challenging mountain trails at Rock Mountain National Park for this ambitious zodiac sign to try.

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Aquarius: Glacier National Park

Brilliant Aquarius needs a landscape that’s unique and challenging, and Glacier National Park hits all the right marks. Between glacier-carved mountains and interesting wildlife, this zodiac sign will have plenty to do, see, and learn about.


Pisces: Joshua Tree National Park

There’s something truly mystical about Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, which will appeal to dreamy Pisces. Between the star-speckled night sky and the soothing landscape, this national park will feel like home to Pisces.


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