The Honeymoon Destination That's On Your Zodiac Sign's Bucket List

Because your love was written in the stars.

by Andrea Hannah
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It’s never too early to start daydreaming about your future honeymoon, no matter how close you are to walking down the aisle. Luckily, astrology can point you to the honeymoon location you’ll enjoy the most.

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Aries: New York

Adventurous Aries will love exploring all that New York City has to offer with their beau. You could go out to a series of fancy dinners together, see a show, and take in the sunsets over the city together.

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Taurus: Puerto Rico

Lush and tropical Puerto Rico is the perfect honeymoon destination for earthy Taurus. Between the greenery, balmy weather, and fresh fare, Taurus and their partner will revel in luxury.


Gemini: Las Vegas

It’s tough to keep curious Gemini satisfied, but Las Vegas just may be able to do it. With so many glittering lights, shows, and shopping available, Gemini and their partner can pack their days with activities.

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Cancer: Key West

Gentle Cancer prefers to be close to the water whenever they can, so they’ll love dipping their toes into the ocean during their Key West honeymoon. It’s also the perfect place for long walks on the beach, just how tender Cancer likes it.


Leo: Orlando

No one ever said lighthearted Leo doesn’t know how to have fun, so they’ll surely revel in the magic of Orlando, Florida. They’ll have so much fun with their beau at all the theme parks, and will leave with ton of adorable pics in front of Cinderella’s castle.

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Virgo: Hawaii

Reliable Virgos will feel soothed by a little predictability, and what’s more predictable than the year-round gorgeous weather in Hawaii? They’ll also enjoy the stunning scenery, with plenty of options to go exploring or chill on the beach.

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Libra: Maldives

Easily the most romantic sign of the zodiac, Libra will relish a stunning, semi-private setting for their honeymoon. They’ll love the gorgeous sunsets in the Maldives, as well as the chance for one-on-one time with their love.

Scorpio: Bora Bora

Private Scorpio needs their space, even on their honeymoon, so renting a multi-room hut on the ocean in Bora Bora is the perfect solution. They can retreat to their room or the deck for some quiet time, then dive into the aquamarine waters with their partner.


Sagittarius: Big Sur

Sagittarius loves to explore and try new things, and with so much stunning scenery in Big Sur, they’ll be itching to take their beau along with them. Sagittarius will love surfing and hiking by day, then relaxing with their partner in an ocean-side suite at night.

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Capricorn: Greece

Capricorn loves to learn, and with Greece’s sprawling history, temples, and museums, they’ll have more than enough to do. Plus, Capricorn loves a little luxury, so they’ll appreciate decadent Grecian dinners with their partner.


Aquarius: Costa Rica

If there’s an experience off the beaten path, inquisitive Aquarius wants to know about it. Costa Rica is full of opportunities to trek through the jungle, see sloths and monkeys, kite surf the ocean, and so many more adventures Aquarius will want to share with their love.

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Pisces: St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a tropical paradise in the middle of the sea, and dreamy Pisces won’t be able to get enough of this island’s chill vibes and stunning aesthetic. They’ll love relaxing and gazing out at the cotton-candy skies and crystalline ocean with their partner.

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