Your Christmas Horoscope Could Bring *Serious* Drama Into Your Life

The chocolate will be extra hot (as will the tea).

by Valerie Mesa
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Santa Claus is coming to town, and the drama’s not too far behind. Thanks to Venus retrograde, among other transits, your Christmas 2021 horoscope will be one for the books.


This holiday season may be a little bit busier for you. You might even opt for working overtime. Think about it this way, though: Is it worth it missing out on time with your family and friends?


You may be overextending yourself at this time. Gathering with your loved ones during the holidays is a real treat, but the cosmos have another learning experience in mind. Take it easy, and try to not add pressure.


You’re looking forward to spending the holidays surrounded by loved ones, but you’re also contemplating the pros and cons of not having the privacy you long for. How much is too much? Whether it be physically or financially speaking, you’re giving this exchange a lot of thought.


Important conversations (as well as exes or estranged relatives) may pop up this holiday season. Remember that you get to decide who's worthy of your time and energy.


You love celebrating alongside your favorite people and are known for your gift-giving talents. However, you could be overthinking your plan this holiday season. What’s really bothering you?


You have plans this Christmas, but you're feeling torn at the same time. Are there other people trying to influence your decision? Remember, only you can make decisions about what’s best for you.


It's the holidays, which means it's time to take a step back from your tedious day-to-day tasks. Then again, you're always doing everything in your power to keep everyone happy. If past drama happens to resurface, don’t add more pressure. Settle things once and for all.


You’ve got a lot on your mind this Christmas. You could be overanalyzing themes surrounding your image on social media or the status quo in general. The astrology on Dec. 25 will also a layer of intensity to your exchanges. Steer away from analysis paralysis.


You’re being more conscious of your spending habits ahead of the holidays. But you’re also thinking about your actions separate from the most wonderful time of the year. Be it at home or in the workplace, you’re learning when to be exclusive with your energy.


Where are you off to next? Whether it be for holiday festivities, or a surprise vacation with loved ones, you mean business. This, however, could be somewhat intimidating to others. Though there’s always free will, you’re more prone to being overly possessive during this time.


The holidays aren’t the easiest, especially when you’re feeling the general pressures that come along with it. You’re highly in tune with people's needs during this time, but be sure not to neglect your own.


The holidays never cease to stress you out. To say there’s a magnifying glass over everyone’s wants and needs at this time would be an understatement. But don’t prioritize the status quo over your authenticity. You know who your soul family is.

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