Here’s The Best Month To Book Your Vacation, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The stars can help you choose the best time of year to thrive on your next getaway.

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It’s always a good idea to plan your vacations in advance so you can find the best deals on flights and be sure you’ll make the most of your precious time off. Choosing the right time of the year is vital to how the trip may go, but sometimes it’s hard to choose the best month to go on vacation and take your well-deserved getaway.

If you want to know which month of the year will have you thriving on vacation, check out your zodiac sign to see when you should travel next.

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Aries: December

Fiery and restless Aries will jump at their first chance to leave town and escape the cold winter. It’s a great point in the year to blow off some steam in a sunnier spot and take advantage of the holiday break.

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Taurus: November

Taurus signs are known for being down-to-earth homebodies who live on the cozy side of life. They should take a vacay during the peak of autumn to go on a hike, enjoy a vineyard tour, or explore cobblestone streets in a new city.

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Gemini: August

In the last month of summer, Gemini gets nervous that they’re running out of time to complete their summer bucket list. So in August, they should make sure to fit in as many different adventures as possible.

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Cancer: June

The sign of the crab can’t turn down a good beach day. They love to swim on the water and hang out on shore, so June is the ideal month to catch the best sun and surf.

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Leo: July

Leo looks forward to their birthday all year because it’s their time to shine. Why wouldn’t they take their besties on a getaway to celebrate? In July, the sunshine is strong and the summer vibes are high, which is ideal for this passionate fire sign.

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Virgo: October

For studious, focused Virgos, a short trip in October makes for a refreshing break away from work or school. They may travel to a friend to celebrate Halloween with a super detailed costume in mind, or venture to a new city to discover its art scene.

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Libra: May

Venusian Libra will thrive on a trip during the month of May because the flowers will be in bloom and the world will be covered in springtime beauty. The moderate weather will be just right for exploring royal gardens or catching a flower festival.

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Scorpio: February

Scorpios should take a vacation during the month of February to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their SO or escape into wintry nature for a little alone time.

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Sagittarius: March

Spring break in March reminds Sagittarius that life shouldn’t be all work, and that it’s finally time to play. They can break free and go anywhere in the world their natural wanderlust calls them to.

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Capricorn: September

Capricorn will need a vacation before they face the grind of the fall and winter ahead. This earthy zodiac sign should take a trip into the great outdoors where the weather will be just right for camping, hiking, and enjoying nature.

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Aquarius: January

This clever air sign should take a trip in January to the Southern hemisphere to escape the snow and experience a bonus summer. Aquarius love to do the unexpected and should do something unique for their winter break.

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Pisces: April

Watery Pisces should travel during April to enjoy the rainy springtime mood in a new place. It’s a peaceful time to relax, listen to the rain, and write some emotional poetry in a coffee shop while they take a break from the world.

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