These Woman In The House Plot Holes Make Absolutely No Sense

Look, I know the point of the show is to be bizarre, but come on.


The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is purposefully full of absurd, nonsensical moments. Some of these plot holes add to the offbeat, silly vibe, while others are downright unhinged. Here they are.


Elizabeth's Gravestone

Elizabeth's gravestone inscription changes three times. It first says, "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." Then, "In heaven you can dance like no one's watching." And finally, "There's no 'I' in heaven." But why?!

All The Casserole Dishes

Anna somehow has an endless supply of the same casserole dish. Despite breaking multiple dishes throughout the show, she continues to offer casseroles to people in similar vessels.

Buell’s Never-Ending Work

Apparently, mailbox repair is a never-ending process in Canterbury Hill. Buell is seen trying to fix the same part of Anna’s mailbox for multiple days in a row, without making any progress.

Elizabeth’s Demise

Absolutely nobody would leave their young child alone in a room with a serial murderer named Massacre Mike... especially not an FBI profiler who specializes in knowing just how dangerous this guy is.

Anna’s Debilitating Fear

Yes, ombrophobia (fear of the rain) is a real thing, but it presents itself most commonly as anxiety or at worst, panic attacks. Anna fainting in the street is likely an over-dramatization.

Why Lisa Went For Neil

Chastity (aka Lisa) and Rex’s whole schtick was to con rich, elderly widows out of their money. While Neil was indeed a widow when Chastity set her sights on him, he’s definitely not elderly nor is there any indication he’s particularly wealthy.

Anna’s Arrest

After Anna gets arrested on murder charges, her bestie Sloan is somehow able to immediately bail her out of jail. With a charge that serious, Anna would likely be held without bail, or a longer period would be required to set the bail amount.

Douglas’ Job

Toward the end of the season, Anna’s ex-husband Douglas is revealed to also be her current therapist. Obviously, no real therapist would take on a significant other (past or present) as their client.

The Attic-Dweller

Even after Douglas told Anna about Buell having murdered his whole family, she sees no issue with him living in her attic for as long as he wants. You’d think she’d at least offer him a room in the house if she’s so cool with it.

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