BTS Tried Chipotle For The First Time, And It's Tastier Than A Burrito Bowl

No “Butter” was harmed in the making of this video.

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On Jan. 23, BTS shared a video of the group trying Chipotle for the very first time. As Billboard reports, they were in the United States to film the Dec. 17 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, which included a crosswalk concert. The group’s reactions to their first-time Chipotle meal may recall your first time having the signature burrito bowl.

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Jungkook is the first to appear eating Chipotle in the video. He opens what looks like a burrito bowl or salad container by saying, “How do you eat this?” At first, he even called it “Chicotle.” The mispronunciation went viral, and Chipotle even changed its name on Twitter to “Chicotle.”


Once Jungkook finally tried Chipotle, he couldn’t get enough. In particular, he complimented the sour cream. “I want to eat this every day,” he said. Honestly, same.


J-Hope then came over and had a bite of Jungkook’s bowl. It appears he liked it so much that he came back for a second bite.


After Junkook and J-Hope, Jin and Suga were the next BTS members to try the notable fast-casual brand. They didn’t know how to eat Chipotle, so they asked Jungkook for help.


RM and Jimin also stopped by for lunch. Taking Jungkook’s advice, Jimin mixed salsa into his bowl.


The video also includes footage of the group simply enjoying their meal. Seeing BTS eating Chipotle is making me crave some, too.


Still, not every BTS member tried Chipotle. V says he ate a hamburger for lunch. Maybe after hearing the members’ glowing reviews, he’ll try Chipotle. Here’s hoping.


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