Twitter Is Calling Out Nick And Vanessa Lachey For Being Messy On The Ultimatum

I can’t with these memes.


The internet tends to get divided over most topics, but one thing people seem to be able to agree about is the fact that Netflix’s The Ultimatum is messy. The memes about hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey capture that perfectly.


The show takes existing couples and tells them they either need to get engaged or break up — oh, and date other people in the meantime.

Forcing people to propose to their significant others after watching them date other people just doesn’t sound like a very healthy idea.

And yet, throughout the season, Vanessa and Nick continued to insist they only want the best for the cast, even as they watched all the drama inevitably unfold.

Some fans felt like Nick and Vanessa were downright demonic with all their messiness.

Fans also think of the Lacheys as the villains of The Ultimatum.

Other fans saw all the messiness and wanted more of it.

All of the messiness reached a true peak during the reunion special, as Nick and Vanessa stoked the flames.

But the true fans know there’s only more messiness in store. After Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum, who knows what else Nick and Vanessa have planned?

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