Stranger Things Fans Are Hardcore Shipping This New Season 4 Pairing

Give the people what they want.


There’s a new fan-fave Stranger Things couple. Well, they aren’t actually a couple...yet. But after they grew much closer than expected in Season 4, fans are getting flirty vibes from Nancy and Robin. Viewers are hoping they become canon in Volume 2.


Nancy and Robin may have seemed like an unlikely match, but after they were paired together for most of Season 4, fans couldn’t ignore the chemistry.

The writers even laid some groundwork in the premiere, with Robin admitting she can’t stop talking around her crushes.

And honestly, the longing looks they shared just can’t be ignored.

There’s even a theory that Robin will save Nancy from Vecna’s grasp, proving her love for her.

Of course, there are already fancams... and a ship name. Long live, Ronance!

While shippers are hoping Ronance will become canon, they aren’t holding out hope... especially due to how the series constantly shies away from Will’s sexuality.

Then again, Netflix is fully aware of the Robin/Nancy fandom. The streamer’s Twitter poll over whether Nancy should end up with Steve or Jonathan received an overwhelming number of Robin replies.

With two episodes left in Season 4, fans are hoping Nancy will make a big realization before the season ends.

I mean, can’t you see the way they behave when they’re around each other?

Fans seriously can’t get enough of their dynamic.

At this point, the shippers are begging.

So let’s just hope the writers listen.

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