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Twitter Slammed The Oscars For Not Airing 8 Major Categories

Movie fans did not take kindly to the major shake-up.

by Ani Bundel

One of the most controversial choices at the 2022 Oscars was the decision to give out awards before the ceremony began. These tweets criticizing the untelevised 2022 Oscars categories drove home how much fans hated this decision.


Fans had been dreading the start of the awards being handed out while the red carpet was still going. But as the winners were announced on Twitter while the red carpet was devoid of stars, movie nerds’ worst fears were realized.

One of ABC's choices was to bring “Influencers” to the red carpet, which few viewers recognized. It went... badly.

Inviting unpracticed people to a red carpet who then didn’t give great interviews? Who would have thought it? Only everyone.

For those following everything on Twitter, it felt like a time jump had happened, and everything was out of order.

Considering how much the red carpet started to drag, it seemed like the idea that drove the decision (to make the award show feel snappier) had failed.

But a bigger irony: These were the awards going to the blockbuster movie viewers actually had seen, all cut in the hope of bringing in viewers. Make it make sense.

At a few points, the pre-recorded interviews and the reality in the room sync'd up in uncomfortable ways.

Fans were so mad, they hoped some of the televised winners would call the show out.

Considering how dull the interviews were, fans were amazed actual Oscars were being sacrificed in favor of it.

Finally, fans noted that if there was one way to reinforce the idea of the “Hollywood elite,” it was having them watch awards while the rest of the fans waited. Total fail.

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