Twitter Is Convinced This Cheer Star Is Secretly A Ted Lasso Character

Once you see it, you *cannot* unsee it.


In Season 2 of Cheer, it wasn’t the cheerleaders who were stealing the spotlight, but a very familiar looking assistant coach. Soon enough, Twitter was full of comparisons between Trinity Valley Community College coach Kris Franklin and Ted Lasso’s Coach Beard.

Netflix/Apple TV+

The resemblance is undeniable.

It’s seriously uncanny.

They even have similar personality traits — quiet and humble, yet extremely tactical.

The facial hair, the hat, the vibes... it’s just all the same!

Ted Lasso fans can’t get enough of Coach Khris.

It’s like Coach Beard came to life.

He even talks like Coach Beard!

Like, what is going on?

Are they long-lost twins?

Now you don’t have to wonder what Coach Beard would be like as a cheerleading coach — you can just watch Cheer Season 2.

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