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Succession Fans Loved This Cousin Greg Moment At The 2022 SAG Awards

What an opening.

by Ani Bundel

The 2022 SAG Awards were held in an airplane hanger under strict COVID protocols, but the show started smoothly. These tweets about Nicholas Braun opening the event as part of the traditional “I’m An Actor” segment prove it started boldly with fan-favorite Succession.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Succession fans were very pleased at the decision to start with Cousin Greg.

It helped that Braun’s story of drinking too much soda felt like a story Cousin Greg would tell.

Considering Succession’s sleeper hit/critical darling status, choosing Braun was an inside nod to its success.

Greg is a fan-favorite character in Succession as well, the hapless everyman among the sharks.

For fans at home, it was the correct choice.

It helps that Braun is also attractively tall. (He’s 6’7”.)

By the time he hit the famous “and I’m an actor” line, viewers were hooked.

All three seasons of Succession are streaming on HBO Max.


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