Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper's SAG Awards Reunion Had Twitter In Shambles

The way he looked at her...

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Back in 2018, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s epic romantic drama A Star Is Born won over every movie lover’s heart. So of course, fans were melting when the duo reunited at the 2022 SAG Awards.

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Since Lady Gaga was nominated for House of Gucci and Cooper was up for Licorice Pizza, the SAG Awards set the perfect stage for the Ally and Jackson reunion fans have been waiting for. And the cameras caught the magic moment.

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Ahead of the big awards show, photographers caught Gaga and Cooper reuniting at their first major event since the 2019 awards season. And it was clear they were elated to see each other.

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The moment that really stole everyone’s hearts was when the two former co-stars shared a deep embrace, hugging one another right before the ceremony began.

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock for SAG Awards

I mean, this reunion was bigger than the actual awards.

The moment was just so cute.

Fans have waited years for this reunion!

He just wanted to take another look at her.

He’ll always be her one in 100.

Ally and Jackson Maine forever!

It was their first big reunion since A Star Is Born.

More to come...

It was like going back in time.

All in all, the moment was a dream come true for A Star Is Born superfans.

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