The Oscars Snubbed Tick, Tick... Boom! And Twitter Is NOT WELL

Check on your musical theater friends.

by Ani Bundel

It’s a commonly held theory that the Oscars aren’t fond of films that debut on streaming, but it was still a shocker for many that Tick Tick... Boom didn’t receive a 2022 Best Picture nomination. These tweets about Tick, Tick... Boom!'s Oscar nom snub show why.


As soon as the Best Picture category was announced, musical theater nerds were ready to go full Joker.

The snub topped most of Film Twitter’s lists.

Considering how popular the film has been since its Nov. 12 release, its snub blew a lot of people’s minds.

It was an emotional time for all.

As fans are inclined to do, some are now calling the Oscars rigged for the snub.

Many Twitter users are calling out one film in particular that they think should not have been nominated over Tick, Tick, Boom!

Like, people are really not happy about Don’t Look Up.

Thankfully, Euphoria’s most recent episode provided the perfect clip for fans to express their true feelings.

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