Twitter Is So Thirsty For The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White

Yes, chef.

by Ani Bundel

FX’s The Bear was not heavily marketed before its premiere on Hulu in June. Luckily, it didn’t have to be, as the thirst for The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White has turned the show into Twitter’s summer must-watch.


Most viewers hadn't heard of The Bear when it initially debuted on Hulu. And then, this screenshot began making the rounds.

That photo was probably enough for the hot dirtbag-loving crowd. However, then they got a load of White’s performance and the obsession grew even more.

Naturally, most were watching for ~the plot~.

The thirst for a man who can competently make food and look like that doing it was unmatched.

Viewers were also quick to note White’s resemblance to some great actors of the past decades. Only, you know, the man-child version.

If you don’t know how correct this math is, please watch Moonstruck followed by Pretty In Pink.

I’ll wait.

For those who have been hot for White over the last decade as he played Lip on Shameless, it was validation of years of thirst.

The absolute accuracy of this statement cannot be denied.

I’ve already sent all eight episodes of The Bear to my therapist.

Thankfully, FX and Hulu understand and renewed The Bear for Season 2 with the screaming headline “THE ORIGINAL BEEF OF CHICAGOLAND STAYS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.”

All episodes of The Bear Season 1 are streaming on Hulu. Season 2 is on its way.

Matt Dinerstein/FX

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