These Thirsty Stranger Things Memes About Steve Will Turn You Upside-Down

Here for monster-munching, half-naked Harrington.

by Ani Bundel

Steve Harrington has been Stranger Things’ leading heartthrob ever since he picked up a bat in Season 1. Season 4 doubles down, giving Steve a half-naked demon fight. These Stranger Things 4 memes about shirtless Steve Harrington are proof fans know a good man when they see one.


Stuck in the Upside Down, Steve was without his trusty bat in this wrestling match, but that proved no problem.

Fans were fanning themselves at the sight of Harrington’s demon bat battery.

But honestly, shirtless Steve simply existing was probably enough.

The only problem with the sight of a half-naked Harrington is that it undermined his main angst this season: A lack of dates.

More than a few viewers were ready to right that wrong.

Several were ready to volunteer as tribute.

Seriously, this photo is absolutely scorching.

Dear Eddie Munson,

Ozzy Osbourne never looked that hot biting the head off an (already dead) bat. The comparison isn’t even close.

Yours, Me.

With two more episodes to go in Season 4, Volume 2, will Steve be able to top his topless moment?

Even if he never does, fans are ready to crown Harrington for life.

Stranger Things Seasons 1 through 3 and Season 4, Volume 1 are streaming on Netflix. Season 4, Volume 2 arrives July 1, 2022.


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