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Twitter Is Predicting The Next Bachelor After Clayton's Hometown Dates

Fans are crushing HARD.

ABC/John Medland

When Serene Russell took Bachelor Clayton Echard on a hometown date to meet her family, Bachelor Nation fans took to Twitter to sing the praises of Serene’s brother, Roland, and even put in their vote for him to be the next Bachelor.

ABC/John Medland

As soon as Roland showed up on screen, fans were smitten by him.

Right away, fans started calling for ABC to make Roland the next Bachelor.

Like, fans *really* want Roland to be the next lead.

Or at the very least, if he can’t be the Bachelor, fans want to see him on Bachelor in Paradise.

Roland’s warm, deep voice captured fans’ eardrums — and their hearts.

Some fans even heard a sort of presidential quality in Roland’s voice.

Fans were also impressed with how honest Roland was in his conversations with both Serene and Clayton.

Other fans just wanted to let Roland know that they’re available, in case he’s looking...

Some fans even tried out some pick-up lines on him.

Bachelor Nation is apparently pretty predictable. True fans knew the tweets about Roland were incoming as soon as they saw him show up on screen.

The predictions weren’t wrong. It was love at first sight for a lot of fans.

Bachelor Nation fell *really* hard for Roland.

Roland, if you’re reading this, all of Bachelor Nation is ready and waiting for you.

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